National Call To Action (NCTA)

The National Call to Action (NCTA) to Retain, Restore and Create Good Jobs for Everyone was convened December 13, 2010 in Arlington, VA.  Convened by the US DOL (Final Report), the NCTA focused on the vital role that innovative jobs partnerships play in:

  • addressing economic recovery and expansion
  • averting and minimizing layoffs, and
  • getting affected workers back to work as soon as possible. 

In 2009-2010, the SVA authored a national economic recovery paper that recognized the importance of the Roosevelt-era DOL as a policy driver that advanced new best practices to end the Great Depression.  Working with other states and labor and business alliances, a “Next New Deal Coalition” has called on the Obama Administration to provide more support for state efforts to avert job losses and create new jobs.

Today’s economy presents serious challenges to our nation’s workers and businesses, and we must confront and overcome these challenges. The Great Recession was a devastating economic downturn,  destroying millions of jobs across the US. Confronted with these unprecedented challenges and an ongoing, painful economic malaise, the National Call to Action (NCTA) brought together national and regional leaders who do not accept the dangerous suggestion in some quarters that a 9-10% unemployment rate in America is the "new normal."  Read the NCTA Briefing Report Congressional Caucus.

The Call To Action is an effort to get more federal leadership in retaining and strengthening manufacturing jobs and putting dislocated workers back to work.  The Call will focus on bringing the best state models for layoff aversion and rapid response (for dislocated workers) to a national scale, putting the SVA in the center of a new policy initiative about ways to help states and communities recover.  The Obama Administration has joined several past administrations in recognizing the SVA's key leadership in layoff aversion as one of the underpinnings of a new “bottoms up” approach to saving and creating jobs.  NCTA Resource Guide, NCTA Briefing Report Congressional Caucus and the NCTA Final Report can provide to you more detail.