Financial Restructuring

Financial RestructuringMany Pennsylvania manufacturers are experiencing a financial crisis where an immediate restructuring of their balance sheet is required in order to maintain viability and meet current obligations. Sometimes, an unbalanced or inappropriate capital structure itself is the problem. More often, such conditions are symptomatic of deeper, underlying problems that are market or operational in nature. SEWN has the experience and the expertise to identify restructuring needs and opportunities. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to layoff aversion in resolving these potentially catastrophic problems. SEWN seeks to stabilize immediate, "life-threatening" symptoms to buy the critical time needed to treat the underlying conditions vital to the company's long-term prognosis.

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. SEWN works with public and private creditors, investment bankers, investors, and legal counsel to remedy capital inadequacies and to create a positive, or at least neutral, cash-flow. Once the cash-flow is stabilized, we can take the time to properly assess and correct the actual problem. SEWN works closely with its client companies to address cost-containment issues and to find creative ways of generating cash from internal operations and outside sources.

Many at-risk companies are not generating and utilizing financial and management information effectively. Often, senior managers received little warning of an impending crisis, as they had no precise way to capture and flag such warnings until the situation was critical. SEWN works management to evaluate the entire collection, control, and delivery system that a company utilizes to acquire its financial and management information. SEWN then works with management to prioritize and distill the large amounts of available information into concise, meaningful reports with which to control and benchmark the company's progress.